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Simulation of heating and metalworking processes

A greater degree of specialization strengthens the competitiveness of steel and metal companies. Product and materials engineering, demands on high and consistent quality, high material yield and energy efficiency place greater demands on processes. Simulation and modelling are efficient tools for optimising manufacturing processes.

Swerim  has solid, longstanding experience of heating and metalworking processes. We have considerable expertise in modelling and simulation, and we know how these processes work in  practice and how they can be optimized. We help to develop faster, more efficient, more stable processes, yielding stronger competitive advantage, reduced environmental impact and increased productivity.

Accurate reliable simulations

The ability to control every aspect of the process demands accurate, reliable simulations. Swerim has its own computational capacity, a Linux cluster with about 400 cores that enables shorter simulation times for large-scale models. Simulation results can be verified in our pilot-plant facilities.

Heating processes

Often, the challenge is to save energy while maintaining precise control over stock temperatures and achieving the right material properties. Swerim has worked with thermal processes for many years and we have particularly good knowledge and experience of:

  • Heating in reheating furnaces
  • Heat treatment

Modelling and simulation of the various heating processes are done with both commercially available  and proprietary software. STEELTEMP® is a well-known program developed and marketed by Swerim.

Forming processes

Simulations are an aid to solving problems, optimizing processes and improving product properties and quality. Many advanced material models developed by Swerim are used to simulate complex industrial processes.

Profile, flatness and residual stresses are key aspects of development in cold forming processes.

A selection of simulation software

Swerim's proprietary software

  • Diffusion module, compatible with STEELTEMP®, for simulation of hydrogen annealing and decarburization.
  • FEBA, for modelling batch annealing, thermal and mechanical modelling, and modelling of product characteristics.
  • FEMCoM, for modelling coiling, thermal and mechanical modelling, and modelling of product characteristics.
  • ForgeOpt, pass schedule optimization model for forging.
  • CROWN, program for profile, flatness, pass schedules and campaign planning for hot and cold rolling.
  • CLUSTER for cold rolling in multi-roll mills.
  • FAME for geometric compensation in additive manufacturing.

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