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Simulation of metallurgical processes

Swerim provides process development supported by simulation, modelling, and verifying tests. Software and equipment are selected and adapted to meet the specific conditions for each task, material and process.

Control and fewer variations in the blast furnace process

Implicit challenges in the blast furnace process are to achieve optimised combustion and energy  efficiency while retaining or improving burden stability with reduced environmental impact. A  greater degree of control and fewer variations in the process are the key. Swerim is at the very centre of the research and development that is being conducted to determine how this can best be achieved.

Optimising process parameters in continuous casting

In continuous casting, the challenge is to increase productivity while at the same time improving quality and process stability. Many assignments have to do with optimizing process parameters and thereby preventing defects and loss of time. Swerim also performs modelling to test continuous casting at higher speeds and with new steel grades.

To verify the computer models, Swerim has built a continuous casting simulator in 1:1 scale (CCS-1). In the simulator a metal alloy with a low melting temperature is used to simulate the flow in the industrial-scale process while ensuring a safe laboratory environment.

Other fluid dynamics

Rapid cooling processes, heat transfer in optical sensors, ladle metallurgy and slag granulating are other areas in which Swerea conducts development projects.


  • High-performance Linux cluster with 200 cores for very large-scale cluster computing.


  • CAD modelling: Siemens NX, Ansys DesignModeler.
  • Meshing tools: HyperMesh, ICEM, Ansys Meshing.
  • CFD-Solver: Ansys FLUENT, PHOENICS, OpenFOAM.
  • Post-processing: CFD-Post, Paraview.
  • Other software: Scilab, Octave.

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