Simulation of sheet metal forming, the method of opportunities

Finite element simulation of sheet metal forming is an established technology for analysis, improvement and problem-solving in the field of sheet metal forming.  Swerim provides this expertise for all types of sheet metal forming processes.

Developing sheet metal formed products

Using optimisation, the opportunities to study and develop sheet metal formed products and sheet metal forming processes to take full advantage of today's high-strength materials become nearly unlimited. As always, it is important to begin optimisation as early as in the concept phase in order to maximize the opportunities.

How can we help you?

We can study the results of forming a single component in a number of process steps, identifying for example, risks for rupture, thinning and shape deviations in the component. This type of study may be based on the question of what happens if you switch to another material in a component. In addition, there may be a need to find process parameters or alternative tool solutions that better meet the product requirements based on current materials and available equipment and tools.

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