Simulation of thermal processes with Steeltemp®

The right steel temperature reduces energy use and results in better material properties. Swerea has developed a program that gives answers to important temperature related questions.

How long should the steel be heated to have a homogeneous temperature without being heated unnecessarily? What is the temperature of the steel after rolling and how quickly does it cool? These are important questions for steelmakers. The answers give an indication of the optimal temperatures for influencing steel characteristics and energy use.

Calculation of temperatures

With the help of Steeltemp software, steelmakers can get the right answers and use the information in various analyses. The outcome is lower energy use, higher productivity and the right material characteristics. The program computes temperatures during casting, heating, rolling, forging and different cooling regimes.

Adapted user interface

Swerea, Jernkontoret, Norwegian IFE and the Nordic steel industry have long been collaborating on development of the program. To facilitate its use there are training courses, a built-in material database and an adapted user interface.

The Steeltemp program suite includes:

  • Steeltemp® 2D: for temperature and heat-transfer analysis during casting, cooling, stripping, heating, rolling and forging.
  • Steeltemp® GR: used in rolling and cooling of long products.
  • Steeltemp® 3D: computes temperatures in reheating furnaces.

Furnace control system, FOCS

Steeltemp is also linked to FOCS, the Furnace Optimization Control System, which is used to minimize energy use and to increase productivity.

Contact and more information

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