Pilot plant – pyrometallurgy

Our metallurgical pilot plant provides a unique testing environment where we, together with you, the customer, improve existing manufacturing processes or develop new ones. Our environmental permit also allows the handling of complex materials, while our environmental facility enables us, for example, to study both the metallurgical process and exhaust cleaning in parallel.

This equipment is ideal for studying reduced energy use, reduced climate impact or improved material exchange. Important areas for our customers include, for instance, recycling secondary materials or extracting metals from low-grade or complex raw materials.

We adapt the equipment to suit each individual customer’s own operating conditions and specific needs. Our developed infrastructure also means that we can bring in the customer’s equipment, assemble it and conduct tests and evaluations.

Examples of applications are

  • Development of metallurgical processes for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Recovering or reprocessing residual products from metallurgical processes
  • Development and testing of new metallurgical systems

The pilot plant houses, among other equipment, a 10-tonne electric arc furnace (alternating current), a 5-tonne electric arc furnace (direct current) and a universal converter, all of which are connected to a flexible gas cleaning system. The site is also home to smaller induction furnaces, a unique continuous casting simulator, a materials handling system, injection equipment and a large number of unique measurement systems.

Our test and demonstration facilities