Laboratory process simulation for steel and metal production

Swerim’s test bed for process simulation is a useful resource when it comes to simulating all critical processes in the manufacture of advanced metallic materials on a laboratory scale, from casting to finishing (final heat treatment).

Having performed thermodynamic calculations in Swerea Virtual Lab, it is possible to set up and run large trial matrices in order to establish the relationship between process parameters, phase constitutions and material properties across a wide range of parameters. This enables us to drastically reduce the number of costly pilot-scale and full-scale trials needed for product and process development.

The test bed is now considered an important resource for development, particularly for national steel and metal industries. It is also a useful resource for heavy material consumers, e.g. the engineering and automotive industries, as well as small foundries, etc.

The test bed comprises a vacuum furnace, casting simulation equipment, heat treatment furnaces, and equipment for thermomechanical processes (Gleeble, dilatometer, welding simulation). The combination of the test bed and equipment and expertise for charting metallographic and mechanical corrosion makes for an almost unique solution.

This breadth of facilities and expertise is only available at a very few large research institutes and steel manufacturers.