4th Swedish Hydrogen seminar

The project HYTOOLBOX is a collaboration between 10 partners in Sweden and will run until 2023. The aim is to understand and improve the resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. In order to broaden the exchange of information to include a spectrum of materials and investigation techniques HYTOOLBOX and Jernkontoret's technical committee TO41 are planning to arrange the Fourth Swedish Hydrogen Seminar. This will build on the network for hydrogen related techniques started up by the previous HYSTEEL project and the seminars in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

TO41 Steel development and applications HYTOOLBOX project committee


  • From 9.00 Arrival and coffee
  • 10.00 Welcome and introduction, Rachel Pettersson, Jernkontoret
  • 10.05 Ongoing hydrogen embrittlement projects in Sweden, 
    Hy-Toolbox, Torbjörn Narström, SSAB
    HyTrans, Jenny Fritz
    Hy-Mech, Nuria Fuertes, Swerim
    Pass HE, Emmy Yu Cao, CTH
    ALL4HYDRO Ehsan Ghassemali, JU
  • 10.55 Short break
  • 11.00 Why are we using fracture mechanics to study hydrogen embrittlement? Armin Halilovic, KTH
  • 11.20 In-situ neutron imaging to understand H diffusion and local concentration during embrittlement and fracture propagation, Carl Dahlberg, KTH
  • 11.40 Atmospheric testing of corrosion behavior of high strength steels under constant mechanical loads, Rikard Norling, RISE
  • 12.00 Lunch at Jernkontoret
  • 13.00 Hydrogen, mobility and fueling stations, Mats Lundberg, Sandvik
  • 13.30 Challenges in Hydrogen society, Erik Wiberg, Vätgas Sverige
  • 14.00 Ovako's path to zero carbon dioxide, Göran Nyström, Ovako
  • 14.30 Coffee
  • 15.00 Hydrogen-assisted failure in nickel alloys and possible mitigation approaches, Xu Lu and Roy Johnsen, NTNU, Norway
  • 15.30 National research centre for metallic materials in H2 environments, Nuria Fuertes, Swerim
  • 15.50 Summary, Torbjörn Narström, SSAB

Information and registration

Date: Thursday 27th October, 2022 Jernkontoret (with online option)
Location: Jernkontoret with online option
Cost: No charge for participation
Languages: primarily English
Registration: Please register with the following link by 20th October >> https://ui.ungpd.com/Events/a585b1c1-cfd6-4d43-beb9-3d1f61795739

2022-10-27 09:00 till 16:00
Sista anmälningsdatum
Jernkontoret with online option
Free of charge