INNOFAT webinar


This webinar (free of charge) is organized as part of the RFCS project INNOFAT, (Innovative approach to improve fatigue performance of automotive components aiming at CO2 emissions reduction).

The main objective of the project is to improve the performance of high-stressed components in order to allow their weight reduction. For this purpose, two different approaches are proposed: the optimization of the steel isotropy and the utilization of a recently developed high strength ferritic-pearlitic microalloyed steel.

The project consortium, which will explain the advances and conclusions obtained in the project, is formed by the following European institutions, being all of them references in the project research fields: steel, fatigue, machining, automotive industry:

  • Sidenor I+D (Spain)
  • Swerim (Sweden)
  • CRF-Stellantis (Italy)
  • University of Aachen – WZL (Germany)
  • IPM (Czech Republic)

By joining this webinar you will:

  • find out the advantages of using Bi steels with regard to other improved machinability steels
  • hear about a new high strength ferritic-pearlitic microalloyed steel.
  • learn more about how the steel isotropy affects the performance of components subjected to complex loadings
  • discover breakthrough methods to evaluate the inclusions properties and to estimate, through FE simulations, the stresses they introduce in the steel


(you can join the whole webinar or only the topics in which you are interested in)

09:00–09:15 INNOFAT project Introduction. Diego Herrero, SIDENOR I+D

09:15–10:00 Inclusionary studies and FE methodology to estimate the stresses generated by the inclusions on the steel matrix. Irma Heikkilä, Swerim and Pavel Hutar, IPM

10:00–10:05 Leg stretcher

10:05–10:50 Evaluation of the steel performance during the main operations of the production process (forging, turning, milling, drilling). Diego Herrero, SIDENOR I+D, Tobias Seelbach, WZL and Eva Butano, CRF

10:50–11:00 Leg stretcher

11:00–11:45 Determination of the inclusions influence on the fatigue properties. Taina Vuoristo, Swerim & Ivo Dlouhy and Pavel Hutar, IPM

11:45–11:50 Leg stretcher

11:50:–12:35 Crankshaft fabrication, evaluation of the in-service performance and costs analysis. Eva Butano CRF

12:40 Webinar closure. Diego Herrero, SIDENOR I+D


Last day to register is Monday 7th of June. All registered participants will receive a link to join the meeting approximately two days before the webinar.

Link to register.

2021-06-09 09:00 till 12:45
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