Paving the way for industrial utilisation of MAX IV


MAX IV, RISE and Swerim invite you to a workshop focusing on increased industrial utility and availability of MAX IV for materials research, as part of a recently completed project funded by Vetenskapsrådet (dnr: 2018-06378). The project has focused on tackling challenges that limits the industrial use of these type of facilities. This has been done by creating industry-relevant test environments, as well as making it easier for industry to make synchrotron-based measurements by increasing the contact area, reducing the thresholds and having institute staff on site who are used to working with industry-related issues.

We invite you to this workshop to disseminate the results from the project. The goal of the workshop is to get an overview of the project and talk about the next steps for increased industrial use of large scale research infrastructures. The program includes case studies together with industry, demonstration of developed hardware and software, panel discussions and mingle.

The workshop is free of charge. Last date to register is January, 25, 2023.
Link to register.

Warmest welcome!
Niklas Lorén (RISE), Anita Teleman (RISE), Magnus Larsson (MAX IV) and David Lindell (Swerim)

2023-02-01 09:00 till 16:00
Sista anmälningsdatum
Isafjordsgatan 28A, Kista