Workshop on the transition from INCA Feature to AZtec Feature

Preliminary program

The content of the blocks may overlap and vary slightly. The schedule may be subjected to changes; depending on what the participants are interested in.

Tuesday May 21 at Memory hotel in Kista

09.30–10.00 Coffee and Sandwich
10.00–11.30 Block 1 – Introduction of AZtec Feature

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the technique and to AZtec Feature.
  • Optimization of settings for different applications. Collection of particles/inclusions.
  • Q&A on AZtec Feature data acquisition

11.30–12.30 Lunch

12.30–14.30 Block 2 – Classification in AZtec Feature (short break of 5–10 min in the middle)

  • Classification in AZtec – comparison with INCA.
  • General perspectives when comparing data acquired using INCA or AZtec
  • Classification standards
  • AZtec Steel
  • Q&A on classification

14.30–15.00 Coffee

15.00–17.00 Block 3 – More possibilities using AZtec Feature (short break of 5–10 min in the middle)

  • Automatic characterization of inclusions using LOM and SEM – a comparison
  • High magnification Feature, small particles – difficulties and possibilities
  • New possibilities due to EDS detector development
  • Future developments
  • User inputs and requests on future development
  • Q&A on applications and possibilities

18.30–21.00 Dinner

Wednesday May 22 at Swerim in Kista

08.30–10.00 Block 4 – Live demos (short break of 5-10 min in the middle)

  • Live demo at the SEM in smaller group, simultaneous presentation

10.00–10.30 Coffee

10.30–12.15 Block 5 (short break of 5-10 min in the middle)

  • Live demo in front of the SEM in smaller group, simultaneous presentation

12.15–13.15 Lunch

13.15–14.15 Final block Summary

  • Summary
  • Q&A – general or specific questions on Feature analysis
  • End around 14.30

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PDF iconprogram_the_transition_from_inca_feature_to_aztec_feature_v2.pdf (183.97 KB)

Seminarium och demo av systemet LOM-LIBS: Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy kombinerat med ljusoptisk mikroskopi för automatiserad kemisk analys av inneslutningar.
Detta genomförs tillsammans med Micromedic och Leica Microsystems. Separat länk till mer info och anmälan.

2019-05-21 09:30 till 2019-05-22 14:30
Sista anmälningsdatum
Memory Hotel and Swerim
SEK 2.500 Member MRC Meta free of charg