A large proportion of our activities is aimed at the development, production, use and recycling of metals. We work with manufacturers and users of metallic materials and products, developing both processes and materials. Issues can differ as widely as energy efficiencies, service life, strength, corrosion resistance etc.

Research and development in collaboration with the steel and metal industry constitute a significant part of our work. This generally includes direct research with the industry in conjunction with process and alloy development, from the mine to finished products and their application.

Understanding and enhancing metals

We combine our experimental resources with our calculation methods, as far as testing and advanced microscopy are concerned, to enhance understanding of the behaviour of metals. We also operate within the framework of national and international projects on broader fundamental questions, with materials producers and materials users getting together in different programmes.

Metals and alloys

Although steel constitutes the largest proportion of our activities, we also work on other important metals such as aluminium alloys, copper alloys, high temperature materials, magnesium alloys, nickel-base alloys, titanium alloys etc.

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