Industrial digitalisation

Swerim offers a holistic perspective of Industrial Digitalisation. We develop and implement strategies, methodology and technology for digitalisation in industry – Industry 4.0. Our starting point is to create competitiveness with focus on customer benefit.

We has extensive knowledge of product- and production development, material technology and change management. Together, we can see where digitalisation can be of most use in your business. It can involve producing strategies for a new product or service, implementing a new manufacturing process or increasing the workers’ knowledge of the opportunities of digitalisation.

Opportunities with industrial digitalisation

The digital tools have developed and become faster and able to deal with very large amount of data, while the interface towards man has become much easier. This has enabled new areas of use.

Products and equipment are equipped with senses (sensors) that can communicate with the outside world and each other (Internet of Things). This increases the access to data amounts (big data) and creates opportunities to analyse and assess data more effectively before making decisions.

For example, products can be tagged with chips to trace them from production to recycling. Machine learning and artificial intelligence make it possible for the robots to be optimised, augmented reality gives operators guidance from a distance and digital twins make it possible to test and simulate properties during product development. New work roles will be created with changed work tasks and requirements of other skills. When it comes to cyber security/computer security, the challenges remain in the connected industrial steering systems as well as other connected units that are increasing in numbers.

Swerim runs about twenty projects for applications within digitalisation, you can find out more about our areas of expertise below.

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