Process integration

An improvement in one sub-process does not always result in an enhancement when looking at the whole system. The more complex a system, the more likely you will need a systematic method to find improvements. 

Today’s society places increasingly higher demands on industry when it comes to environmental effects, energy efficiency, and minimising waste. This requires improved methods in order to study or analyse entire industrial systems and the interaction with their surroundings.

Process integration is growing

Process integration is an area of international growth and is important to the steel industry. It gives the industry a possibility to compare solutions, assess conflicting goals, and seek answers to strategic questions when introducing new processes, adaptations and investments. Process integration (system analysis) and mathematical programming are useful methods to efficiently evaluate large scale industrial systems. 

Holistic approach for an optimised process

Swerim has in-depth knowledge of process integration and system analysis. The knowledge centre Prisma gathers experts who perform research to develop solutions with a holistic approach. 

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