Tribology is the science of surfaces that are in contact and in relative motion with each other. It includes friction, lubrication and wear.  Tribology is an interdisciplinary research field with applications in many different areas.

Reducing the consumption of energy and environmental impact will be two of the most important driving forces in the development of future production processes which makes issues related to tribology relevant in many contexts.

Unwanted friction

Unwanted friction is a large source of energy loss in many mechanical systems which also can create other problems, such as heat development and wear.

Wanted friction

In other situations high friction can be desired, e.g. between a tyre and a roadway. There are several ways to affect the friction in a system, for example through lubrication or by changing the topography of one or several of the surfaces.

Swerim works with the engineering industry, metal industry, chemicals suppliers and surface treatment industry. We work with tribology, experimentally as well as with simulations, and continuously develop the methods through different research projects.

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