Alloy Development

We has extensive experience in alloy development. We help you develop new and improved alloying concepts via a combination of modelling and experimental studies.

The aim is usually to understand and make predictions about the effect of a series of aspects. Those aspects can range from chemical composition, manufacturing processes and heat treatment to the atmosphere on the microstructural development of metallic materials and hard steel alloys.

Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling

We apply thermodynamic and kinetic modelling in simulations, and the generated data is an important tool for increasing the rate of process and alloy development.

Test and verify alloy development

You can test and verify new alloys in our test and demonstration facilities (T&D) – from lab scale (several kilograms) to pilot scale (several 100 kilograms). Examples of applications of which we have considerable experience include:

  • optimization of data for new alloying elements and trace elements
  • prediction of micro-segregation of alloying elements
  • joining of different alloys
  • formation and reduction of oxides
  • separation processes in steel.

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