Pontus Sjöberg, Swerim och Anders Björklund

Ultra-modern atomizer inaugurated

6 May, 2022

Swerim and Kanthal announce their joint investment – an ultramodern atomizer for manufacturing and development of metal powder, an initiative that will help Sweden to maintain its world-leading position in the metal-powder industry. 

The investment is a direct result of the increased demand for research surrounding materials and process development within additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy. To maintain Sweden's lead within powder metallurgy, Swedish companies must remain at the forefront of materials and technology development. 

“This investment brings unique opportunities for customized development within additive manufacturing and it means that we can bring new materials to the market faster,” says Dilip Chandrasekaren, Head of R&D at Kanthal. “Co-operation with Swerim also gives us the prerequisites for conducting world-class R&D within a strategic area for Kanthal and Sweden.” 

The investment concerns long-term collaboration whereby Kanthal will gain access to Swerim's leading-edge expertise in powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing of metal products, advanced structural analysis, testing and modelling. At the same time, metals research institute Swerim will have the opportunity to build further on knowledge within these areas. 

"It's fantastic that metals research institute Swerim and Kanthal are together investing 20 million kronor in a state-of-the-art atomizer unit. This has enabled a unique platform for R&D activities focussing on alloying and powder development for all of Sweden," says Annika Strondl, manager of powder materials and additive manufacturing at Swerim. “The fact that we are investing together with the industry just goes to show that Swerim is an attractive research partner within powder and alloying development.” 

The new equipment is specially designed for research and development of both the materials and the actual atomizing process in powder-metallurgical applications. This makes it possible to atomize powder charges of up to 85 kg for additive manufacturing, injection moulding, surface coating and hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The equipment will have a high degree of material and process flexibility, providing excellent possibilities for developing materials and processes in both additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy. 

Swerim has 60 years of experience of research in powder-metallurgical research, and Kanthal is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial heating solutions and high-temperature materials based on powder metallurgy. 


  • Annika Strondl, Manager of powder materials and additive manufacturing, Swerim, annika.strondl [at] swerim.se, + 46 73 031 42 91
  • Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of R&D, Kanthal, dilip.chandrasekaran [at] kanthal.com, + 46 73 055 90 02

Images: Contact Margaretha Sönnergaard for more photos, sonnergaard [at] swerim.se

Image: Pontus Sjöberg, CEO Swerim och Anders Björklund, CEO Kanthal. Foto: Anneli Nygårds

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About Kanthal

Kanthal® is a world-leading brand for products and services in the fields of sustainable industrial heating technology and resistance materials. The company is part of the Sandvik Group and has a strong tradition in innovation and extensive investments in R&D.

The company revolutionized the heating industry in 1931 by introducing the iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy. Since then, Kanthal has launched game-changing materials and products, such as the high-power molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) Kanthal® Super heating elements and the corrosion-resistant materials Kanthal® APM and APMT. In 2019, Kanthal launched their additive manufacturing services with Kanthal® AM100, the world’s first alloy for heating application that is specially developed for 3D-printing.

About Swerim

The metals research institute Swerim conducts needs-based industrial research and development concerning metals and their route from raw material to finished product. Its vision is a fossil-free and circular industry. The institute has 190 employees in two locations in Sweden – Luleå and Stockholm. Swerim is owned to 80% by the industry and 20% by the Swedish state through the organization RISE Research Institute of Sweden.