Miljoner till innovation

Fyra projekt från det strategiska innovationsprogrammet Swedish Mining Innovations utlysning ”Säkra hållbar metall och mineralförsörjning” koordineras av Swerim. Projekten finansieras av Vinnova, Energimyndigheten och Formas.

Four projects 

  • Assessment of the melting performance of a new "green" lime product
  • Climate-neutral molybdenum processes
  • Hydrogen-metallised slag – processing and use – Haggis
  • Mineral recovery from residual material from secondary metallurgy
Tova Jarnerud Örell

Assessment of the melting performance of a new "green" lime 

The aim of the prestudy is to present a joint development and demonstration trial to test and evaluate the green lime as a slagformer in steelmaking.

The participating companies are SaltX Technology and SMA Mineral. Swerim's Tova Jarnerud Örell, is the project manager.

Photo: Tova Jarnerud Örell.

lard olov nordberg

Climate-neutral molybdenum process 

Fluidised bed project for hydrogen reduction of molybdenum oxide. Lars-Olov Nordberg, Swerim is the project manager.
Photo: Lars-Olov Nordberg.


Hydrogen stuff

Hydrogen-metallised slag – processing and use – HAGGIS

The aim of the project is to metallise slag from which metals cannot otherwise be recovered, so as to recover valuable alloying elements.

Participants include Uddeholms, Vargön Alloys and Chalmers University of Technology. Pelle Mellin, Swerim is the project manager.
Photo: Hydrogen-metallised slag. 

Molten stuff

Mineral recovery from residual material from secondary metallurgy – REM

The prestudy will investigate the possibility of increasing the degree of on-site reuse of ladle furnace slag while the same time minimising the amount of virgin lime and dolomite that is used in the EAF process.

The participating companies are Höganäs Sweden, Celsa Armeringsstål and Carbomax. Sara Rosendahl, Swerim is the project manager. 

Photo: Ladle with crude steel Photo: Stig-Göran Nilsson

The four projects are part of the strategic innovation programme Swedish Mining Innovation call "Safe and sustainable metals and minerals supply" and are being funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.